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My Halloween 2007 Submision is out!

2007-10-14 03:38:21 by mgproductions

Yeah so i really wanted to make a submision for halloween and it would be so great if i got in the collection thatd be really good.. the main problem of it though is the big lagg. but i posted it on youtube so i put it on my youtube account which can be checked out here.. ^_^ ((MGPRODUCTIONS YOUTUBE ACCOUNT))

anyways if you watch it please suggest to be in the halloween collection.. id really apreciate it.

so yeah.. check out the preview pick.. sorry about the bad quality heheh

My Halloween 2007 Submision is out!


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2007-10-14 05:14:05

right im gonna take a have a look take a piss and tell you what i think


2010-06-21 08:26:49

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